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Back to School: Momentum Podiatry 6 Step Shoe Fit Guide!

With the busy back to school preparations underway we podiatrists know the importance of the right footwear and support to help your child excel through their active lifestyles without pain.

Purchasing the right footwear for your child is one more task that can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. School shoes are a very important purchase as your children’s feet are constantly growing and developing, they often require more support. The right school shoe is a solid investment as your kids are likely to be wearing them long hours for 5 days a week!

Incorrect fitting or the wrong selection of footwear can contribute to faulty foot function and contribute to many growing pains such as heel pain, shin splints, knee, hip and lower back pains. If you’re child has a history of these we urge parents to visit a podiatrist before having your child’s footwear fitted. We are here to help with education on choosing the correct school shoes, and advice with regard to further podiatry needs that may be identified such as the need for orthoses.

Parents should visit a shoe store that provides a professional measuring service which will ensure that shoes have the correct length, width and depth for the child’s feet. The Athlete’s Foot is a great place to start.

At Momentum Podiatry we are here to simplify things with our 6 step fit guide.

1. Measure twice (have both your childs feet measured)

2. Mind the gap (make sure theres a gap of about half the width of your thumb between your childs longest toe and the end of the shoe)

3. Go wide (Make sure the shoes are wide and deep enough for your childs foot. If you can see the outline of their foot, it’s not a good fit)

4. No pain, No gain (your child should be comfortable in the shoes straight away without feeling any pressure points or painful areas. Listen to them)

5. Plan for the PM (kid’s feet can swell, it is best to purchase shoes in the afternoon)

6. They’ll grow into it (Don’t be tempted to buy larger sizes so your child can grow into it. Shoes that are too large do not provide support in the appropriate areas and can lead to bruising and blistering)

Happy back to school shopping!

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