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Experts in Functional Orthotic Therapy 

Momentum Podiatry takes pride in
the reputation as a leader in funtional
orthotic therapy.


We sourced the very latest technology,  the lightest materials and most accurate methods to give our patients premium product with premium service.


The orthotics can be made from the most comfortable soft EVA or ultra light and responive recycled carbon- polypropelene mix.

The old casts are now replaced by a scan that is used to presisley construct a CAD-CAM engineered orthotic 3D milled to perfection.  Your orthotic prescription is digitally stored so you can access them at any time any where.  You can even scan your old casts into the program and benefit from the accuracy of
3D milling.


Have confidence in the best possible product combined with experience and expert advice.

Above: Watch how orthotics are manufactured in Australia By Footwork Podiatric Laboratory

Orthotics for Cyclists

Momentum Sports Podiatry are experts at orthotic prescription for the specific needs.


Cycling related foot conditions are common as the demands on the foot function are somewhat unnatural and repeditive.


Working with ther practitioners, we offer wholistic assessment of bike set up posture combined with cleat position and foot function and lower limb.


Our cycling carbon mix orthotics are extremely light and responsive.