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Biomechanical & Sports Assessments


Momentum Podiatry focuses on leading the industry as a premier Sports and Biomechanics practice. We specialise in the treatment of sports injuries and soft tissue injuries of the lower limb.


Our clinicians have a background in elite sports and have trained extensively to provide the latest evidenced-based approaches in treating injuries.


Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology to accurate assess and diagnose your condition.


From the assessment of junior sports to management of elite athletes.

Biomechanical & Sports Services
  • Biomechanical examinations

  • 3D computerised gait software and analysis

  • Pressure platform dynamic gait analysis

  • Digital orthotic scanning

  • Customised orthotics and brace interventions

  • Acute ankle injuries

  • Sports taping

  • Acupuncture

  • Soft Tissue/musculoskeletal Treatment

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