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Foot Pain Specialist


Foot Pain Specialist Perth

The health of your feet greatly determines your overall ability to move around freely. If there is any pain or injury in your foot, you will be confined to a bed or chair or forced to use aids. It will inevitably slow you down and hamper your daily life. Moreover, the pain will constantly plague you and keep you distracted from doing your work. Rather than tolerate un unnecessary, curable pain, it makes much more sense to book an appointment with a foot pain specialist. The doctor will be able to diagnose the root cause of the pain and prescribe the right treatment to cure it and manage the symptoms.


Momentum Podiatry is one of the most reputed clinics for all kinds of podiatry requirements. If you have foot pain, we can help you quickly and accurately diagnose the problem, draw up an effective treatment plan and ensure a favourable prognosis for the issue. Momentum Podiatry has some of the best foot pain specialists in Australia with years of training and experience. Your foot will be in good care in our hands, you can be assured that we will be able to cure your foot pain, no matter how severe or unbearable the condition is.

Foot Pain Symptoms

The cause of foot pain could be external or internal. An accident could cause a sprain, fracture, displacement, tearing of the connective tissues or other injuries that will cause immense pain in and around the area. The area should be red and swollen with emanating warmth and tenderness to the touch. You may also see an aberration in the anatomy of the foot from the outside, resulting from internal parts displaced in the incident pushing to the surface. Even a fracture in the spine at proximity to the nerves of the leg and foot can cause foot pain too, along with other symptoms.


Infection is another reason why foot pain can occur. Symptoms will be different in that case; the pain will be duller and throbbing. Inflammatory diseases like gout and arthritis also cause severe pain in the foot besides other joints. These diseases will cause a lot of trouble when you try to walk or move your foot since they affect the joints. Also, an infection itself could be topical or internal. In surface infections, the pain will usually radiate from the infected part. Dealing with that part is all it will take to manage and get rid of the pain.


However, simple pain isn’t the only indication of the condition. Symptoms like stiffness in the foot, inability to do certain motions with the foot, inability to put pressure on the foot, etc. are some other ways foot pain can manifest. The pain can come in shooting rounds or waves, or it might be a constant, dull ache. Because it supports the body, you will usually feel the pain right after the cause occurs. But delayed pain is not uncommon either. Whether it is mild or severe pain, it is advisable to visit a foot pain specialist before things take a turn for the worse.

How We Can Help

Our specialists are some of the most sought-after doctors for all kinds of issues with the leg and foot. We have experienced foot pain specialists who can correctly diagnose the underlying condition of the pain and draw up a treatment plan tailored to your requirements. We are assisted by the latest technology and equipment to help you get better sooner. If you need orthotics for your pain and mobility issues, we will utilise CAD-CAM technology that utilises 3D milling to create perfectly fitted, ultra-light orthotics from soft EVA or responsive recycled carbon-polypropylene mix. 

Diagnose Your Foot Pain

We have the best podiatrists and foot pain specialists at our centre who strive to provide you with world-class services. So just give us a call and book an appointment for your foot pain today.

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