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Podiatry Services in Nedlands

Nedlands a flush suburb of Perth is located about seven kilometers from the Central Business District of Perth and lies to the west of the capital of Western Australia. In addition to plush wealthy homes,


Nedlands also provides low-cost housing for the University of Western Australia students. It is also home to one of the top research centers for eye diseases and several more public hospitals.


With a substantial population of about 10500, Nedlands also provides ample commercial activity

Podiatry Specialists in Nedlands

Momentum Podiatry is one of the leading podiatry practices in Nedlands. We work in partnership with PROmotion Health, one of the top physiotherapy practices in Nedlands, and offer multi-disciplinary services to the communities of Nedlands. We are committed to providing individualised and wholesome treatment for all kinds of foot and ankle ailments. Our team investigates deeply to understand the issues with your feet and general body conditions. We can also identify the underlying causes of your foot troubles and direct you to the relevant specialists for more appropriate treatment regimes. We, besides providing a focussed kind of treatment, also provide effective counselling to help you avoid all types of diseases related to your lower limbs.

Podiatrists – Why and When to Visit Them

Visiting a Podiatrist is quintessential because like every other part of the body, the feet are very important and any anomalies observed in the feet should be looked upon by a specialist, in this case, a Podiatrist. Here are a few specific reasons why you should visit a Podiatrist.

A Comprehensive Diagnosis

Foot troubles can be caused by several factors. There are several complications in the body that could be reflected as pain or weakness in the feet. It is important to see a podiatrist to identify the real cause of your foot problems. Sharp pain in the heel or ankle could be a result of some other chronic condition of the body like arthritis or diabetes. A Podiatrist can diagnose your foot problems and also raise awareness about other possible afflictions, thereby counseling you and referring you to the right specialist. At Momentum Podiatry, we have experienced and skilled Podiatrists who have ample knowledge to detect the root causes of various problems with your feet and guide the patients effectively.

General Podiatry

It is advisable to visit a Podiatrist regularly to keep a check on your foot health and prevent any future complications. The exercises recommended by a Podiatrist can be very effective in keeping your lower limbs active and in proper shape. A Podiatrist can also investigate deeply and identify the flaws in your lifestyle and preferences and counsel you accordingly to avoid such anomalies with your feet. The Podiatrists at Momentum help you with profound counselling and guide you to a healthy, foot-trouble-free life.

Momentum Podiatry – Your Go-To Podiatrist in Nedlands

Momentum Podiatry has been serving the communities of Nedlands for quite some time now and has partnered with PROmotion Health to provide effective Podiatry services. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Momentum Podiatry over other practices.

Uniquely Befitting Treatment Plans

Momentum Podiatry treats every patient individually. We do not believe in generalised treatments as every patient’s needs are different and thus the treatments should be too. We carry out detailed diagnoses and identify the main underlying cause of every ailment you have in your feet. We also investigate deeply to discern the probable body conditions that could be causing the foot problem. We provide general consultations and recommend ideal exercises and lifestyle changes. Our entire approach toward your treatment is based on a detailed study of your individual case.

Podiatry of All Sorts

We have a team of experts and specialists in various types of podiatry. Our team offers end-to-end support in dealing with your lower limb afflictions. From general podiatry, biomechanical and sports assessments to orthotic services and paediatric and youth assessments, we have the right skills, experience and equipment to help you. We also carry out surgical assessments to help you get back on your feet after surgery and provide diabetic assessments to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle with diabetic conditions. In both cases, footwear is very important and we provide footwear advice too.

Momentum Podiatry has an amply equipped team to help you maintain healthy feet and ankles. We have been involved in the dedicated service of the community of Nedlands and have established ourselves as a perfect partner for treating foot-related disabilities. From diagnosis and investigation to consultation and effective treatment, Momentum Podiatry is equipped to offer you the best podiatric care in Nedlands.

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