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Podiatry Services in Cottesloe

Cottesloe is a western seaside suburb of Perth. With a population of approximately 7400, Cottesloe is about halfway between Port Fremantle and the Central Business District of Perth.


It is known for its beaches and has one of the most family-friendly beaches in the whole world. The townsfolk enjoy a relaxed lifestyle while beach cricket is the most popular sport.


Cottesloe is primarily a residential suburb with a shopping area that is good enough to cater to the local community.

Podiatry Specialists in Cottesloe

Momentum Podiatry has collaborated with PROmotion Health to offer podiatry services to the communities of Cottesloe. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best treatments that are suited to your requirements. We are committed to learning through experiences and achieving excellence in treating all kinds of foot diseases. We, together with PROmotion Health, are a collaborative team of multi-disciplinary specialists who can provide a wide range of treatments and guide you on various kinds of health issues. Our team has the expertise to provide effective counselling and design uniquely suited treatment plans for all kinds of foot problems. We work with leading healthcare services and deliver every service with utmost care and compassion.

Why Is It Important to See a Podiatry Specialist?

Podiatry is a specialised field of medical practice which concentrates on the foot and its related diseases. So it is in your best interests to visit a Podiatrist for any and all kinds of foot problems. To be more specific, here are a few reasons why visiting a Podiatrist is your best option.

Specialist Treatment to Foot Problems

A Podiatrist is an expert in foot and ankle-related problems. Our expertise lies in diagnosing and treating all kinds of ailments related to the lower limbs like heel and arch pain, bunions, athlete’s foot, ingrown toenails, etc. We can also treat ankle and foot-related problems that result from other body conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. At Momentum Podiatry, you can avail of a range of services from general podiatry to surgical assessments. We also provide orthotic services and footwear advice to help you avoid any foot-related injuries and complications in the future. We can also advise you on lifestyle changes to keep your lower limbs in perfect order.

Wide-Ranging Benefits

Podiatry is a form of practice that can also be followed regularly to avoid any possible pains and complications in future. Regular podiatric exercises help in getting rid of the pain that may arise due to various reasons. Podiatry helps treat foot infections and keep the feet in good health. There are certain diseases that show up through symptoms on the feet and regular podiatry can help in identifying such health conditions.  In such cases, a Podiatrist can recommend a more focused treatment to eliminate the root cause of your podiatric problems. Podiatrists also specialise in several areas of practice like sports, children, workplace health, etc. which means you can visit a Podiatrist for various reasons.

Why Choose Momentum Podiatry?

Among several practices in Cottesloe, Momentum Podiatry is one of the most reliable. We are committed to excelling in our service and becoming the go-to Podiatrist in Cottesloe. Here are a few reasons for you to choose Momentum Podiatry over any other podiatry practice on the west side of Perth.

Individualised Service

At Momentum, we are equipped with ample resources to provide the best and most individualised treatment plans. We carry out thoroughgoing investigations and are able to find out the root cause and effective cures for a range of foot afflictions. Our initial consultations are profound in terms of enquiring about the lifestyle and general habits which may have caused the trouble in your lower limbs. We also run comprehensive diagnostics to identify the anomalies and draw up a perfect, most well suited treatment plan for you.

Wide Range of Services

At Momentum Podiatry, you get a wide range of services. We are in collaboration with PROmotion Health, a multi-disciplinary centre that provides end-to-end physiotherapy services. Likewise, we have specialists to treat a range of foot and ankle-related diseases and injuries. We provide general podiatry services, biomechanical and sports injury assessments, paediatric and youth assessments, orthotic services, surgical assessments, diabetic assessments and footwear advice too. We provide extensive advice on lifestyle changes in order to maintain good foot health.

Momentum Podiatry has years of experience and multi-disciplinary expertise that can help you avoid several problems that may directly or indirectly be associated with your feet. From precise diagnosis to effective treatments, we are equipped to provide you with comprehensive podiatry care in Cottesloe. 

To learn more about us, call us today!

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