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Podiatrist City Beach

Momentum Podiatry is the go-to clinic for most patients dealing with toe or heel pain, bunions, and all lower limb disorders and infections. We are a team of experienced podiatrists who provide the perfect prevention and treatment advice to the people in Shenton Park. 

Why Should I Visit a Podiatry Specialist?

A visit to a podiatry specialist is a wise decision when you sustain a sports injury, heel pain, or arthritis. A podiatrist is a foot health specialist proficient in diagnosing ailments of lower limbs and offering appropriate treatment.

Specialized Foot Care from Professional Podiatrists

A podiatrist undergoes specific training and has in-depth insight into the bone and structural formation in the lower limbs compared to a primary care physician. They can detect the root cause behind acute ankle or foot issues and perform treatment of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. Furthermore, they can treat various skin lesions, nail problems, fungal infections, and issues that arise from diabetes. 

Wide Range of Podiatric Services

A podiatrist exclusively treats your lower limbs and has specialised degrees and certifications. Thus, we can diagnose and treat various foot problems through medical or surgical procedures. You can count on a podiatry specialist to receive personalised consultations, orthotic services, lifestyle suggestions, diet plans, etc. In addition to this, you get biomechanical or sports assessments like acupuncture, digital orthotic scanning, and more. 

Momentum Podiatry – Your Trusted Podiatrist in Shenton Park

Patients trust the podiatrists associated with Momentum Podiatry at Shenton Park as we value teamwork, communication, and commitment to delivering a permanent cure to your foot issues. We offer the best remedial solutions due to the reasons stated below: 

Professional Podiatrists with the Latest Technology

Momentum Podiatry Group is associated with PROmotion Health. We genuinely care about your well-being and offer best-in-class personal and professional patient care. Our dedicated practitioners, comprising podiatrists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, exercise psychologists, and dieticians, work together to curate the optimum rehabilitation plan. Depending on the medical predicament, we offer nail surgeries, foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, DVA podiatry, etc. 

Comprehensive Range of Podiatry Services

We are committed to offering a quick respite to your excruciating heel or toe pain, subsequent therapy, and ultimately a long-term and permanent cure to your lower limb disorders. Our specialists work unitedly to deliver customised podiatry services ensuring a quick recovery. Furthermore, we fix complex conditions via surgical procedures to help patients get back on their feet or resume sports activities soon. 

Treat Recurring and Persisting Foot Issues

If you have lost all hope about resolving your continuing foot problems, you should give Momentum Podiatry a chance. We employ cutting-edge practices and state-of-the-art technology to isolate the issue and figure out the root cause. Thus, we can cure persistent issues like Achilles tendonitis, diabetic neuropathy, corn, athlete’s foot, etc. through a personalised treatment plan. 

Your Reliable Podiatrist in Shenton Park

You should visit the Momentum Podiatry clinic if you have ingrown toenails or bunions or are suffering a fracture. We offer various podiatry services in Shenton Park and have solutions for every foot and ankle issue. Call us today!

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