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Podiatrist Mount Claremont

Have you ever had problems in your legs or feet but just did not want to go to the doctor? Many of us often do this, not realising that we could be ignoring a simple issue and giving it time to get worse. Rather than waiting, it is best to visit a trusted podiatrist who can help improve your condition quickly and easily. If you need a recommendation for reliable podiatry in Mt Claremont, Momentum Podiatry is here for you.

Why Should I Visit a Podiatry Specialist?

There are many ways a podiatrist can help you get over your leg or foot problem better than a general doctor. Here’s how:

Specialised Foot Care from Professionals

A doctor will only be able to give a very generalised diagnosis of your condition and treat it on the surface. In most cases, they will ultimately refer you to a podiatrist. The advantage of visiting a podiatrist is that you will be getting specialised treatment geared towards helping you heal from the root cause of the issue and restore mobility in your feet. As a result, the recovery would be much quicker and with very little discomfort in the process.


Even if the root cause is something unrelated and the problem in your leg is a symptom or side-effect, a podiatrist will help treat the issue with specifically your leg and help you get back on your feet. A podiatrist has the specialised knowledge and training required to deal with conditions of the feet and will know how to handle it best. That is why, in case of any issues with your lower limbs, it is best to trust a podiatrist to take care of the case.

Comfortable and Effective Treatment Processes

Most of the treatment methods employed by a podiatrist involve non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures. This ensures that you do not have to experience the physical trauma or harsh side effects often associated with more invasive techniques or strong medicines. We do our best to treat our patients in a way that makes them feel the most comfortable while striving towards a quick healing process.


In fact, if your leg or foot problem can be handled without surgery or medicines and you are in the right health condition, even a doctor will recommend you visit a podiatrist. The less invasive techniques of a podiatrist can be advantageous in many cases to heal the condition without bringing in new symptoms that will need to be dealt with.

Momentum Podiatry – Your Trusted Podiatrist in Mount Claremont

Momentum Podiatry has been the most trusted centre for all kinds of services relating to podiatry in Mt Claremont ever since it was set up. We bring many benefits to the table:

Professional Podiatrists with the Latest Technology

Momentum Podiatry started out with a single physiotherapist and today, we have a team that includes physiotherapists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, massage therapists and dieticians. They are all highly qualified, trained and certified in their disciplines and are some of the bests in their fields in Mt Claremont. We always maintain an expert team of professionals who can give the best possible care to all our patients. Our medical staff are highly experienced and has vast knowledge to deal with any kind of lower limb condition.


Not only that but we also maintain our facilities to always have the latest technology in the market. We believe that with the best tools at their disposal, the quality of service provided by our medical personnel will be elevated to the point where there can be no room for error or complaint by the patient.

Comprehensive Range of Podiatry Services

One of the best things about Momentum Podiatry is that we provide the entire range of services for podiatry in Mt Claremont. You will get general podiatry, ingrown toenail treatment, Achilles tendonitis services, youth and paediatric podiatry, footwear advice, orthotics, sports and biomechanical assessment, surgical assessment, and diabetic services all in the same place. Our medical team consists of all kinds of podiatry specialists to ensure the comprehensive treatment of all our patients.


Having everything you need under one roof means you don’t have to run from clinic to clinic for different services or keep going to different doctors for different phases and aspects of the treatment. Since you will get everything podiatry-related that you need in just one centre, all you must do is visit us, sit back, and relax as we take care of the rest.

Your Reliable Podiatrist in Crawley

Making the right choice when picking a treatment centre for podiatry in Mt Claremont can make a huge difference in your recovery. Choose Momentum Podiatry if you want a pleasant experience and complete satisfaction.

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