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Ingrown Toenail Surgery

The surgical procedure for treating ingrown toenails, no matter how serious the condition, is, at best, a one-day process. You walk in, get the surgery and walk out on the same day. Momentum Podiatry is dedicated to ensuring that it is a smooth process for you.


Our podiatrists are highly experienced. They ensure the right level of local or general anaesthesia to make sure that it is painless for you during and after the surgery.


Moreover, we keep it simple, recommending the easiest procedure to treat the issue at its roots. Whether you have a chronic ingrown toenail problem or not, we guarantee permanent eradication of the condition.

Safe and Painless Ingrown Toenail Surgery

All of us have suffered from ingrown toenails at some point in our life. It is extremely painful, especially if a bad infection accompanies the issue. But timely treatment can fix it.


But if the condition has gone too far, the best course of action would be ingrown toenail surgery. There are several different methods used in this procedure, like nail avulsion, nail bed ablation, phenolisation, Winograd technique, Zadek’s procedure and more. The two most popular ones that people seek at Momentum Podiatry are discussed below:


Phenolisation is usually done along with complete or partial nail avulsion to ensure that the problem does not recur. In this method, a small section of the nail where it is ingrown is cut and removed. Then, the area is treated with 80-88% phenol to destroy the cells of the nail matric.


This ensures that there is no more excessive or deformed nail growth in the future. Phenolisation is usually done in the case of simple ingrown toenails with no excessive soft tissue formation. The success rate of this surgery is quite high, however, there are greater chances of postoperative infection if you are not careful.

Winograd Procedure

This method of ingrown nail surgery is used in complex cases where a significant amount of soft tissue has grown around the nail. Here, simply removing the nail will not do the trick; the soft tissue must be removed too.


Hence, one incision is made on the affected side of the nail and another in the soft tissue on the affected side, covering the entire problem area. The entirety of the ingrown portion of the nail and the soft tissue is removed in a wedge shape. Sutures may be applied to close up the area for a faster healing process.

Our Focus is Our Client

Momentum Podiatry is highly focused on making sure that you and your requirements are the priority of all our doctors and podiatrists. All our services are geared towards solving your issues with the least amount of pain and hassle.


We only prescribe the right procedure for you and do not recommend extra treatment with the intention of over-charging you. Your welfare is the first thing on our minds – we want you to have a happy and healthy life with full mobility, not plagued by foot issues that stop your daily activities. Just ask our customers – they will tell you just how reliable and guaranteed our treatments are.


Contact us or book a service online today.

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